Tuesday, March 26, 2019

March report

Here it is almost April. Since last post, it has snowed...
Twice we received this much. Usually by the next day the new snow was gone, but the ice underneath stayed unti, last week. So strange to see the grass. We have had some really nice sunny days since but today it is blustery and raining. 
And now for the quilting....
I finished the Diamonds in the rough top. It was designed by Debi Montgomery....
This picture was taken before I pieced it together and...
This is Dreams2K that she also designed. She has a Facebook group called Mystery Quilts Anonymous , it is easy to join and so much fun.
I decided to open up the tub of flannels that we given to me and created a small quilt. Needed something to create in between the clues for these two.
I have bound and washed and it is put on the finished pile.
Yesterday I got Snowflake Splendor quilted and need to put binding on still. Once that is done, hopefully I will remember to take a picture and post.
A new mystery from Debi is starting on the 29th called Precious Moments. I still have to choose the colors for this one. 
A little baking has been done. There was 5 dozen Dishpan cookies made...
and aI tried my hand at Spanish house bread. sorry no pictures of them as they were devoured quite quickly. Also 5 dozen perogies made. I really should take pictures! 

So on that note, time to get going...

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Actually some sewing

Wow, the sewing machine has been humming along. I have been keeping  up with Mystery Quilt Anonymous mystery quilts, Diamond in Rough and Dreams 2 me . Only have a picture of the Diamond pieces...
I also have been sewing up a few slab quilts using up those pesky leftover blocks that have been filling up tubs everywhere. I have finished a blue one and it has been gifted already. Just this week I have finished a black and green one. 

You may also notice the pinwheels at the edge. They will become another quilt once I find all the pieces. 
It has been cold here, though not as bad as other places. We had a little snow but because of the wind, it has blown away.  It only took 2 days for our local lake to completely freeze over and now we are being told the mercury will be dropping even more. 
Well that’s all for now...

Friday, January 25, 2019

Bonny Hunter Mystery quilt

Finally finished piecing the mystery quilt from Bonny Hunter which was called Good Fortune. 
We have been socked in with fog for the last 2 days after the 8 inches of snow we received. I have been busy cleaning up some of the small corners in the house, you know, trying to be good, so I can go sew! Lol...
My hubby did have surgery about a week and a half ago, so hopefully he will start feeling better soon. 
I did manage to clean up my sewing area and moved things around . Still trying to find the best place to set things so the quilting can flow. Here is the other side...
Anyways, a last picture of the fog...

Friday, December 21, 2018

End of the year

Yes, it is. It has been such a strange two months since last post. A friend of mine lost her father at the end of November. At the same time, our Women’s club started to ramp up on our mission to make sure kids have a gift for Christmas. Our group became only 4 this year as some of our members moved away. Then my friend lost her Dad, and the other two ladies still were working their jobs. So that left me. By the end of last week, I was just plumb tired out. The ladies gave me as much time as they could but it was still tiring. 
I have worked a little in the sewing room. I still have this one up on the design wall and hope to start working on it in the new year.
I also have managed to keep up with Bonny Hunter’s Mystery.

I have done other sewing but no other pictures as I always seem to forget.....

We actually had snow a week ago but it is long gone. We have been waking up to 40 degree weather which hasn’t happened for a few years. They are calling for the cold to start again in a few days but hopefully after we leave for a trip to Orlando. My hubby and I are going with my son and daughter and their families to catch a bit of warmth for the end of the year. Really looking forward to it. 
Anyways, Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Monday, October 8, 2018

(Backup) Update

It has been busy here since Last post.
There was a lot of grapes made into raisins, over 35 lbs. some tomatoes were canned, walnuts harvested and husked. I am slowly getting them cracked and bagged. Some of it is going into Christmas baskets as also the raisins. Even though we never planted squash, zucchini or pumpkins, the harvest has been plentiful on the pumpkin side. Not sure what I will be doing with them all. 
There has been quilting going on also. My daughter had a friend who wished for a T-shirt quilt and I rushed it through the queue.
This time I looked up patterns and how tos on the Internet and hopefully she will like this one. Since I have showed this to people, now I have 3 more I need to do. 
I have joined a group called mystery quilt Anonymous on Facebook and Debi Montgomery is very generous with her time and designs. She is always commenting to anyone posting pictures and questions, very hands on. This is the first one I have done. It is called Fandango...
She has clear instructions and it is up to the quilters eye as to what the colors will be used. She gives suggestions and shows what colors she uses, has different sizes posted (lap, twin, queen and king) and helpful hints if one gets stuck. She gives very little away and the group of quilters, who have joined, are so fun to talk too. We all show our progress and if like in my case, a few blocks are in the wrong place, they kindly point them out. So helpful,
Ou will notice on this mystery that I have 2 blocks in the wrong place.... this one is called Dou Dou....
Oh well, will need to fix before finishing.

Leaving you will a picture of some snow geese who have joined the Canadian geese for a little....

Monday, August 6, 2018


Just a little catch up on what has been going on since last time I posted. 
Finally bought a new car. Our older car is 15 years old so was a needed change. Here is hoping this one will last at least the same amount.
Still sewing together scrap blocks of 2 1/2 strips. 
This one still needs another border but those blocks hanging on the short arm frame make these quickly. ( when I have time)
Working on a mystery quilt by Debi Montgomery. She lives in New Zealand and designs these mysteries on a Facebook group called Mysteries Anonymous. It is a free site, and you just need to join. This is the first one I have tried and it is easy to read and understand and goes together so nicely. 

This was another project that has been on the todo list for awhile. I made and painted the stand for the recycled water barrel and now is on the deck awaiting water. We haven’t had a drop of rain for a very long time. Even worse, they are calling for 107 degree weather later this week. We live up in northern Washington and these temperatures are not normal for us. Guess the outside work will be done very early and then will hide in house! 
That’s all for now. 

Monday, July 9, 2018

Playing in the sewing room

I have started to clean out my bin of 2 1/2” bins of strips. This is number 2 quilt top. Number 1 was posted last time. 
Number 3
Number 4. 
The sad part is that the bin is still 3/4 full! What I forgot to take pictures of are the multitude of blocks that were made as I was creating these. Need to make a fully scrappy few with those.  I am trying to get a stack of quilt tops ready so I can play with the short arm machine this fall when all the outside stuff is finished. 
Spent a few days with grandsons so that Mom and Dad had a few days off. Hubby is teaching youngest how to spatchcock a chicken. They enjoyed the process. 
Lastly, a picture of a double rainbow taken last night.