Friday, December 21, 2018

End of the year

Yes, it is. It has been such a strange two months since last post. A friend of mine lost her father at the end of November. At the same time, our Women’s club started to ramp up on our mission to make sure kids have a gift for Christmas. Our group became only 4 this year as some of our members moved away. Then my friend lost her Dad, and the other two ladies still were working their jobs. So that left me. By the end of last week, I was just plumb tired out. The ladies gave me as much time as they could but it was still tiring. 
I have worked a little in the sewing room. I still have this one up on the design wall and hope to start working on it in the new year.
I also have managed to keep up with Bonny Hunter’s Mystery.

I have done other sewing but no other pictures as I always seem to forget.....

We actually had snow a week ago but it is long gone. We have been waking up to 40 degree weather which hasn’t happened for a few years. They are calling for the cold to start again in a few days but hopefully after we leave for a trip to Orlando. My hubby and I are going with my son and daughter and their families to catch a bit of warmth for the end of the year. Really looking forward to it. 
Anyways, Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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