Monday, September 4, 2017

What a summer

It has been so busy here with gardening, canning, fixing irrigation lines, weddings. There has been so much smoke in the air from all the fires north of us. For most of July and August and now into September, we have only had smoke in the skies. When the sun does manage to shine it is so hot! 
I did manage to finally finish the wedding quilt, but again forgot to take a picture as time was running out and it needed to be done. 

I also found out that I am a new grand aunt so started this pattern by the Red Boot Quilt Company called Little bears. This is how it looks now...
 I do have the binding sewn on now and just finishing the back. Harper Lee was born in June so I am not too late. Yesterday I spent 4 hours restacking this off the trailer into the barn. 

 This wood was a great bargain. And yes, most of it is warped! We are going to cut down to usable, non warped pieces and the rest will be cut for kindling. I was in a panic to get it in the barn just in case it rained. Yeah right... we haven't had a drop of rain since the first week of June and none forecasted in the coming few weeks. We would love to have some of the rain others have had this summer as it is so dry here. We had a very wet spring thank goodness otherwise we may have more fires in our area. 
 That is the sun trying to shine through the smoke. Anyways, got another irrigation line to fix. One of the previous owners really Mickey moused the whole system, and when something goes, it is a major seek and find. When we do find, it is "how the heck did they do that and why?". Because of where the break is, the whole system needed to be turned off and the gardens, lawn and pasture are starting to suffer. And of course, the leak happened on Labor Day weekend, so no supply stores open. So the task today is to dig it out (through hard packed soil), on a tree covered spot, (think root infested), with curious cattle in the mix. Should be interesting!! Maybe I will wait for their nap time and go harvest the garden first. 
The garden... been so productive that I am now out of jars. Still have saurkraut to do, and more tomatoes to pick and peppers to dry. We also have 78 acorn squash in basement with more still to pick and 10 zucchini in fridge. We have been shredding zucchini and freezing, and the freezer is packed. Most of the tomatoes now will be turned into tomato paste as we have enough rotel, sauce, pasata, and canned tomatoes. Like I said, no more jars. 
Ok can't put it off anymore...