Sunday, June 18, 2017


Not too much time has been spent in the sewing room the last two months. What time I have has been spent getting this quilt to this stage. 
I almost have the backing pieced using the leftover pieces from the front. It really is a hodgepodge of different sections and great for using up the leftovers. Not fancy but useful. 
We have working a lot trying to reclaim the property from winter. Irrigation sprinklers fixed, check! Garden planted, check! Lawns mowed, three times, check! New flower plants in ground (even the ones bought on special) check! Pergola cover made, check! Burn pile gone, check! And the list goes on. Speaking of, I should get started...
One final thing, the 15th was my 60th birthday and my hubby treated me like a queen. I received gifts all day that totaled 6. First, 6 red roses, 6 candles, 6 pack of Guinness, 6 letters for memories from my siblings, 6 chocolate bars, 6" potato to go with the steak supper he barbecued for us, 6 oz container of sunscreen, and the last one was a promise of 6 days anywhere in the world. Wow eh!