Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Small Entries

I think I will just start putting small entries on the blog. Usually I try and save a lot of things to enter here but I have noticed that most times, I just get lazy. So, from now on, I will just enter as I go. This will make it brief but at least there will be some record.
 Went to Sonoma for Christmas with husbands family . We went to Sebastiani winery, did some fantastic wine tasting, joined their wine club and bought some wine which is winging its way to us at this very moment.
 Beautiful picture taken just before the new year. What you can't see is he cold. Hubby and I stayed at home for New Years Eve as we were still jet lagged from California trip. 
Finally started again on quilt for a friend. I have almost 2 more rows done.
 This is not even half way. I have made so many of these that the pattern is not enjoyable anymore. Oh well...