Sunday, June 18, 2017


Not too much time has been spent in the sewing room the last two months. What time I have has been spent getting this quilt to this stage. 
I almost have the backing pieced using the leftover pieces from the front. It really is a hodgepodge of different sections and great for using up the leftovers. Not fancy but useful. 
We have working a lot trying to reclaim the property from winter. Irrigation sprinklers fixed, check! Garden planted, check! Lawns mowed, three times, check! New flower plants in ground (even the ones bought on special) check! Pergola cover made, check! Burn pile gone, check! And the list goes on. Speaking of, I should get started...
One final thing, the 15th was my 60th birthday and my hubby treated me like a queen. I received gifts all day that totaled 6. First, 6 red roses, 6 candles, 6 pack of Guinness, 6 letters for memories from my siblings, 6 chocolate bars, 6" potato to go with the steak supper he barbecued for us, 6 oz container of sunscreen, and the last one was a promise of 6 days anywhere in the world. Wow eh! 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Another go at it

Last week, I had created such a cute post to catch up. As I tried to publish, the app I was using said I needed to sign in. Poof! All that work disappeared. Usually I never have a problem and it was so disheartening that I put it away. But that was true for most of the last two weeks. It has been gray, rainy with just a hint of sun every once in awhile. 
But today, the sun is out, the birds are singing and happy and there is great hope that this will post.
So... what have I done in the last month?
 Finished this now but have been waiting for a nicer day to photograph.
 I have decided to hand quilt this one, though I may change my mind as I want it done! I bought the rag quilt die for my acuquilt machine and had to try it out. This is not very big but it is my go to chair quilt at the moment.   
The triangle quilt was pieced last year and now finished. 
The striped quilt was done with I spy fabric and is crib sized sorta... lol
We have saved a few corks here over the years and I thought this would be idea for the front of the house. 
I have it all glued together now and waiting for some warmer weather to put the tung oil on. 
Now to see it this will post!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Update progress

Finally got special quilt made and sent off. But don't you know it... forgot to take a finished picture. This one was taken before all the quilting on the sandwich...
Turned out rather nice once it was finished. I also made a baby quilt for a grand nephew who arrived December 1st but still need to get it to him....
 It seems I am not so great at getting finished pictures. Been so gloomy and cold outside that not really wanting to take pictures. 
We did get another batch of snow but it disappeared within 2 days...
With a friend, we have made her 4 new patio cushions by using the old ones as patterns. I was so inspired by this that I ordered some fabric for ours. It came today! This is my friend's...
 Hopefully can get pictures of them finished before they go to their home. Our color will be peacock green and as it is a different pattern, it will inspire me to try. While I was waiting for the fabric, I put the two side borders on our quilt and measured for the third border...
 Most of the leaves are sewn on now and once I have finished I will start the cushions. The grapes will be added on by hand so the machine will be free. 
My sister was needing some me time finally, so I volunteered to have my mother stay with us for two weeks. Sis really deserves this time as she has been a great caregiver. It has been so enjoyable to have Mom here and we have watched many of the old time westerns.  
That's all for now...

Monday, January 30, 2017


I have just finished quilting this and have binding ready to go.  I keep forgetting to take pictures...

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Small Entries

I think I will just start putting small entries on the blog. Usually I try and save a lot of things to enter here but I have noticed that most times, I just get lazy. So, from now on, I will just enter as I go. This will make it brief but at least there will be some record.
 Went to Sonoma for Christmas with husbands family . We went to Sebastiani winery, did some fantastic wine tasting, joined their wine club and bought some wine which is winging its way to us at this very moment.
 Beautiful picture taken just before the new year. What you can't see is he cold. Hubby and I stayed at home for New Years Eve as we were still jet lagged from California trip. 
Finally started again on quilt for a friend. I have almost 2 more rows done.
 This is not even half way. I have made so many of these that the pattern is not enjoyable anymore. Oh well...