Friday, October 21, 2016

Now is the time

Finally I am able to do some sewing. It has been a long summer of many other things than sewing. I did manage to get the bedroom deck sanded and stained before the rains started.   It does look so much better and it is ready for the railings next year. The last of the tomatoes are canned and I even got 30 pints of sauerkraut down. My friend wanted to learn so we did it together. On Sunday the lines in the field will be blown out by compressor so I need to drain the lines tomorrow. 
We have so many big knives in the drawer, (my husband loves to cook) that I made him a hanging knife block.
 There are knives missing because of course he is using them constantly. It is two sided as it really would be too large for the counter! 
Finally got into the sewing room. I got this top put together, though no picture of the after taken yet.
  I also was asked to make a tshirt quilt for my sister in law and quickly got it made and into the mail. She hasn't received it yet but I sure hoping she will like it. 
 I didn't crop the picture, sorry. 
Now I am making some small stocking stuffers. Pin cushions, thread catchers, and microwave cloth bowls. 
And finally a picture of how far I have got on the quilt for our bed. I have finished two sides of the appliqu├ęd border finished but not attached yet. I need to attach them so that I can figure out how the pattern will fit going across the top and bottom. It still will take time as I will have to add the leaves and vining to them as well before adding the grapes. 
Now that I am sewing more, hopefully there will be more posts.