Monday, August 29, 2016

Well darn it

Just checked the last time I posted. So much for keeping up! The garden produce kicked in and a few trips away keep me behind. 
 This was one of the first forays into the garden. Since then the large tomatoes have started to ripen at an alarming rate. Been keep so busy canning that I completely ignored the corn. The weevils got into them and they are also too old to pick. Will throw over the fence for the cows, horses and sheep. Thank goodness THEY don't belong to us! 
 I've been on a road trip with a friend to Coulee dam. My friend and I had just invested in new phones and we just stopped to test them out.
I also just returned from a trip to Fort St. John B C visiting my sister for a week. I have spent 5 hours just cleaning out all the ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, harvested some patty pan squash, picked some peppers and anaheims, and done down another batch of bucket pickles. Still have way to many of everything. Next few days will be spent canning down as much as I can of the above. 
 And I have managed to get this quilt to this stage. I have sewed the first 2 vertical rows together. I did manage to get the baby quilt finished but sadly no picture yet. Slowly but surely I am getting the grapes added to the borders of our quilt but again no picture. Hopefully it will slow down in a bit outside and I can get those pictures taken.
I was just asked if I could make a tshirt quilt for a niece as she is graduating this year. Um, never made one before but I am willing to watch many videos to accomplish this. Her mother has been saving all the shirts since the girl first started playing so I can't make any mistakes!
Okay, will try a little more later.