Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Quick update

Been busy here with weddings, outside work, dodging thunder and rain storms etc. slowly everything is getting accomplished. 
There was an episode of getting too much dirt in the eye which resulted in said eye filling in with blood. Too scary looking to show but thankfully I didn't lose any vision. Most of the blood has drained now thankfully I will be able to go out into the work without people thinking that the zombies have arrived! 
I have managed to find time to get one border on the quilt I showed last time and have cut out the 10 inch borders needed for the last rows. The appliqué had been started now on one of the sides.
 This part is going to take a long time! And to think I was even considering hand appliqueing each piece on. I just couldn't find a method that worked for me. There will be a lot of grape bunches also but that I can do later. Yikes! I have tried to do one set of leaves every day, with a total of 24 needed. Then the grapes need to be added and then the embroidery of the small vines, all before the borders can be sewed on! I have great appreciation to all of those bloggers that do this on a regular basis!
To keep my sanity, and once my set of leaves are done, I go to my other sewing machine for mindless sewing. I grabbed my 2" strip basket and started to sew strips together of like colors.

 These strips are now quilted together and binding has been added on. Making placemats to give away for presents is always great to have and this uses up lots of left over pieces o batting. I still have a pile of strips waiting for more strips to be sewed on.
 At night I have been learning to hand quilt. This quilt is for a baby already born so need to get er done! It's almost there.
Anyway, time to get kitchen cleaned up and a wine kit started. Then back to playing!