Saturday, May 14, 2016

What to do with extra half square triangles?

Build a scrap quilt of course!  This turned out nice and comfy. 
I also got special quilt finished...

 This took a long time to make in between all the spring outside work this year. At least it is now done and the pressure is off. 
I have a bridal shower to attend soon so made a few bowl cozies and a few wine bags. 
Next on the design wall is a quilt pattern that I am trying to work out from a picture from awhile back. It is quite easy but again, trying to fit in with the outside work that needs to be done. This is where it stands now, though it looks a little wonky in the photograph. 
 The pattern starts out like this and if you notice, top right corner is a completed block. Looks a little busy in the starting phase but once neutral squares are added it changed the look. 
That's all for now!