Monday, April 18, 2016


What have I been doing? Where have I been?   
For starters, I finished quilting my quilt for the upcoming wedding. The binding is on but just has to be hand sewed to the back. It took 5 days to fmq on my sewing machine as it was so bulky! 

We also worked on getting the railing on our deck created and finished. 
The before and after. Yes, that is green grass folks! Here on our side of Washington State the snow was gone in January! It took 4 days to design and build the interior of the railing and 3 days to stain and finish. We still had cold weather so I had to wait for it to warm up during the day before staining. Though it still looks a little light in the pictures it has darkened up nicely now.
My sweet husband bought me a ticket to Italy! As he had time between programs he thought it would be nice to have a holiday! I joined him and for 8 days, we drove around the northern part from Milan to Genoa and back again. We ate great food, drank awesome wine and seen unique territory! When I say unique, I mean that gps kept trying to get us to our destination the fastest way possible! Sometimes that was on the Autostrata and sometimes it tried to send us on an overgrown, potholed, gravel road down a steep hillside. Think 4x4 folks! As we were driving a Prius, that was not an option! 
Here are a few pictures....

Now that I am home, there are two gardens to dig up and plant, irrigation in the fields to fix (the cows broke quite a few), and one more deck to redo. Yup, never ending.... 
As I am quite the fan of Bonny Hunter from , I spied this tile work, which believe it or not, was in the women's toliet.  Wow! 
Anyways, time to get my day started.... More quilting pictures to come soon I hope. 

Ps... This is the third time I have tried to add to the blog. The blogger app on the iPad has stopped working though it didn't tell me until after I had taken time to write this. Now trying another app. If it works I will post its name for all others who have had this problem.