Thursday, March 3, 2016

Work progresses

Another  month has gone by. I have managed to get more work done on my quilt for an upcoming wedding. It started out like this, 
And now it has reached this stage,
Each one of the squares that have to be made need to be 3" and some of those squares can have 3-4 different colors incorporated into it. It is a challenge to keep them straight and thank goodness for design walls. As you probably noticed, I am already having to design on the floor which with seriously crossed fingers, I am hoping the cats haven't noticed. This quilt size should be 80 x 108 " once it is all put together and I still need to make more rows to finish this pattern. I have made this pattern at least six times before and it is still as challenging as the first time. When I was pondering what to make, it was my hubby that chose this one. He enjoys looking at the different combinations. 
I also have been playing with different bread recipes, a few failed but they are still yummy.
This last one is rosemary and garlic skillet bread. Was it ever good!
Racked our wine project,
And made a batch of pasta!
Today though, we noticed we have a small window in which to gather up the garbage from the new Windows project that needs to go to the dump before the rain starts again. There are other things that need to be tossed so going to round it all up and have it ready to go. 
I would rather be quilting, but if I am good and get these done, I can go back to my sewing room!