Friday, October 21, 2016

Now is the time

Finally I am able to do some sewing. It has been a long summer of many other things than sewing. I did manage to get the bedroom deck sanded and stained before the rains started.   It does look so much better and it is ready for the railings next year. The last of the tomatoes are canned and I even got 30 pints of sauerkraut down. My friend wanted to learn so we did it together. On Sunday the lines in the field will be blown out by compressor so I need to drain the lines tomorrow. 
We have so many big knives in the drawer, (my husband loves to cook) that I made him a hanging knife block.
 There are knives missing because of course he is using them constantly. It is two sided as it really would be too large for the counter! 
Finally got into the sewing room. I got this top put together, though no picture of the after taken yet.
  I also was asked to make a tshirt quilt for my sister in law and quickly got it made and into the mail. She hasn't received it yet but I sure hoping she will like it. 
 I didn't crop the picture, sorry. 
Now I am making some small stocking stuffers. Pin cushions, thread catchers, and microwave cloth bowls. 
And finally a picture of how far I have got on the quilt for our bed. I have finished two sides of the appliquéd border finished but not attached yet. I need to attach them so that I can figure out how the pattern will fit going across the top and bottom. It still will take time as I will have to add the leaves and vining to them as well before adding the grapes. 
Now that I am sewing more, hopefully there will be more posts. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Well darn it

Just checked the last time I posted. So much for keeping up! The garden produce kicked in and a few trips away keep me behind. 
 This was one of the first forays into the garden. Since then the large tomatoes have started to ripen at an alarming rate. Been keep so busy canning that I completely ignored the corn. The weevils got into them and they are also too old to pick. Will throw over the fence for the cows, horses and sheep. Thank goodness THEY don't belong to us! 
 I've been on a road trip with a friend to Coulee dam. My friend and I had just invested in new phones and we just stopped to test them out.
I also just returned from a trip to Fort St. John B C visiting my sister for a week. I have spent 5 hours just cleaning out all the ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, harvested some patty pan squash, picked some peppers and anaheims, and done down another batch of bucket pickles. Still have way to many of everything. Next few days will be spent canning down as much as I can of the above. 
 And I have managed to get this quilt to this stage. I have sewed the first 2 vertical rows together. I did manage to get the baby quilt finished but sadly no picture yet. Slowly but surely I am getting the grapes added to the borders of our quilt but again no picture. Hopefully it will slow down in a bit outside and I can get those pictures taken.
I was just asked if I could make a tshirt quilt for a niece as she is graduating this year. Um, never made one before but I am willing to watch many videos to accomplish this. Her mother has been saving all the shirts since the girl first started playing so I can't make any mistakes!
Okay, will try a little more later. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Quick update

Been busy here with weddings, outside work, dodging thunder and rain storms etc. slowly everything is getting accomplished. 
There was an episode of getting too much dirt in the eye which resulted in said eye filling in with blood. Too scary looking to show but thankfully I didn't lose any vision. Most of the blood has drained now thankfully I will be able to go out into the work without people thinking that the zombies have arrived! 
I have managed to find time to get one border on the quilt I showed last time and have cut out the 10 inch borders needed for the last rows. The appliqué had been started now on one of the sides.
 This part is going to take a long time! And to think I was even considering hand appliqueing each piece on. I just couldn't find a method that worked for me. There will be a lot of grape bunches also but that I can do later. Yikes! I have tried to do one set of leaves every day, with a total of 24 needed. Then the grapes need to be added and then the embroidery of the small vines, all before the borders can be sewed on! I have great appreciation to all of those bloggers that do this on a regular basis!
To keep my sanity, and once my set of leaves are done, I go to my other sewing machine for mindless sewing. I grabbed my 2" strip basket and started to sew strips together of like colors.

 These strips are now quilted together and binding has been added on. Making placemats to give away for presents is always great to have and this uses up lots of left over pieces o batting. I still have a pile of strips waiting for more strips to be sewed on.
 At night I have been learning to hand quilt. This quilt is for a baby already born so need to get er done! It's almost there.
Anyway, time to get kitchen cleaned up and a wine kit started. Then back to playing!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Only a month apart!

So busy, so busy...
I did get this quilt finished and sent onward to its new home. It was funny that the new owner loved it before she even saw it!
Because of some of the fabrics I used, it looks like there are some missing?.. Lol, nope they are there!
We have enjoyed some really beautiful sunsets, busy making homemade sausages...


Just finished the binding on some small hockey quilts requested by my daughter.... They are for her and her friends (more in the making)
There has been some secret sewing going on and lastly, I have started another quilt for us. Loving it for now and have even started cutting out the appliqué for the borders though not much to see on that...

 This looks so much different in real life, but I know that will be a work in progress for a while. I have a few other quilts that need to be quilted and am thinking of trying to hand quilt a few of the baby quilts that are ready to go. It will be something I can do at night after the day is done. 
Anyway, that is all for now!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

What to do with extra half square triangles?

Build a scrap quilt of course!  This turned out nice and comfy. 
I also got special quilt finished...

 This took a long time to make in between all the spring outside work this year. At least it is now done and the pressure is off. 
I have a bridal shower to attend soon so made a few bowl cozies and a few wine bags. 
Next on the design wall is a quilt pattern that I am trying to work out from a picture from awhile back. It is quite easy but again, trying to fit in with the outside work that needs to be done. This is where it stands now, though it looks a little wonky in the photograph. 
 The pattern starts out like this and if you notice, top right corner is a completed block. Looks a little busy in the starting phase but once neutral squares are added it changed the look. 
That's all for now!

Monday, April 18, 2016


What have I been doing? Where have I been?   
For starters, I finished quilting my quilt for the upcoming wedding. The binding is on but just has to be hand sewed to the back. It took 5 days to fmq on my sewing machine as it was so bulky! 

We also worked on getting the railing on our deck created and finished. 
The before and after. Yes, that is green grass folks! Here on our side of Washington State the snow was gone in January! It took 4 days to design and build the interior of the railing and 3 days to stain and finish. We still had cold weather so I had to wait for it to warm up during the day before staining. Though it still looks a little light in the pictures it has darkened up nicely now.
My sweet husband bought me a ticket to Italy! As he had time between programs he thought it would be nice to have a holiday! I joined him and for 8 days, we drove around the northern part from Milan to Genoa and back again. We ate great food, drank awesome wine and seen unique territory! When I say unique, I mean that gps kept trying to get us to our destination the fastest way possible! Sometimes that was on the Autostrata and sometimes it tried to send us on an overgrown, potholed, gravel road down a steep hillside. Think 4x4 folks! As we were driving a Prius, that was not an option! 
Here are a few pictures....

Now that I am home, there are two gardens to dig up and plant, irrigation in the fields to fix (the cows broke quite a few), and one more deck to redo. Yup, never ending.... 
As I am quite the fan of Bonny Hunter from , I spied this tile work, which believe it or not, was in the women's toliet.  Wow! 
Anyways, time to get my day started.... More quilting pictures to come soon I hope. 

Ps... This is the third time I have tried to add to the blog. The blogger app on the iPad has stopped working though it didn't tell me until after I had taken time to write this. Now trying another app. If it works I will post its name for all others who have had this problem. 


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Work progresses

Another  month has gone by. I have managed to get more work done on my quilt for an upcoming wedding. It started out like this, 
And now it has reached this stage,
Each one of the squares that have to be made need to be 3" and some of those squares can have 3-4 different colors incorporated into it. It is a challenge to keep them straight and thank goodness for design walls. As you probably noticed, I am already having to design on the floor which with seriously crossed fingers, I am hoping the cats haven't noticed. This quilt size should be 80 x 108 " once it is all put together and I still need to make more rows to finish this pattern. I have made this pattern at least six times before and it is still as challenging as the first time. When I was pondering what to make, it was my hubby that chose this one. He enjoys looking at the different combinations. 
I also have been playing with different bread recipes, a few failed but they are still yummy.
This last one is rosemary and garlic skillet bread. Was it ever good!
Racked our wine project,
And made a batch of pasta!
Today though, we noticed we have a small window in which to gather up the garbage from the new Windows project that needs to go to the dump before the rain starts again. There are other things that need to be tossed so going to round it all up and have it ready to go. 
I would rather be quilting, but if I am good and get these done, I can go back to my sewing room!

Friday, February 5, 2016


I really haven't had too much time to sew this month. I do have a few pictures of stuff I have managed to sew. 
Here is Allietaire, the Bonny Hunter Mystery quilt for this winter. It really was an easy quilt to make and after seeing the reveal, I am sure that I can make this again in another color way. 
 what a difference 48 hours can make. We had a few days of rain and voila.
 Play time. Trying to use up some of the old shirts that I have ripped apart. Not sure if this will be front or back of quilt. 
 And finally getting this quilt quilted. Been at it for two afternoons now. Hopefully done in the next couple of days.  I also have taking a lot of those cast off pieces of scrap and trying to make them into useable pieces. Wow, so many pieces and I have barely touched the pile at all. Next I will try and come up with an idea for what to put them into. 
 I also made 6 more of these microwave cozies so that we have some for ourselves. I have made so many but have given them all away! I just love using them...
Anyway, that's all for now.