Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

It has been very light this year as far as the blog writing. There has been a lot of different activities done that I just didn't have the camera handy. 
Since my last post, we have enjoyed many great meals that hubby created, baked some artisan bread, enjoyed my daughter and her family for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. There was a lot of sledding down our hilly driveway, some shopping and of course an amazing double smoked ham that hubby created. 
I joined our local ladies group again this year with the gifts for kids program. Thanks to a local benefactor generous gift, we ladies go shopping for approximately 800 gifts for children of impoverished local families. 

There were many thankful parents and many wide eyed children who came through. Santa welcomed them all through the door and some of the children reacted with so much enthusiasm that it just made my Christmas. 
On the quilting front, there hasn't been as much as I would like. (I could sew day and night). I am joining in with Bonny Hunters newest mystery Allentaire?, but again no pictures , sorry. Have to remember to take some as I am caught up. 
Leaving tomorrow for 7 days in New Orleans, partly business retreat and mostly fun. Who knows, maybe a quilt store or two? 
Once again, Happy New Year to you all!