Monday, April 20, 2015

Let's see

It has been rather busy here of late. Starting the very next day after the Celtic Thunder show. I arrived home to a missing husband! Where was he? Turns out he and the wood chisel and a curious bull warranted a trip to the emergency clinic for a slice on the hand. A few days later , he had surgery to repair the tendon that had been sliced. It has been a few 2 1/2 hr trips to visit the doctor for casts, braces, etc. and he has been quite frustrated with this whole venture. 
So, I have learning a great deal about fixing irrigation. There had been quite a few breaks in the pipes, and we have been redesigning some of the layout.

There has been a few tree roots that needed to be removed also. 
I managed to get two gardens dug up and ready to plant and when I went to test the irrigation for them, bang, the pipe just popped off. Oh well, gives us a chance to redesign that system too!
We have had such amazingly warm days in the 70's, that I feel so bad for those who still have snow. Here in the Northwest, the weather has helped the daffodils and tulips to come and go, the fruit trees have all flowered, the fields are green and some of us have already had sunburns!
On the quilting front, I have decided to hand quilt this quilt. It is just to big for me to stitch in the ditch quilt, following the block pattern on my dsm.

It was became so frustrating to do on the machine, all that starting and stopping, and when it took 8 hours to finish off only 10 blocks, I just couldn't take that time. It has been so peaceful doing this by hand now even though it will take time to finish. I can do this upstairs at night and hang out with hubby.
I have anothe rag quilt almost finished now. It is all sewn together and just needs to be rag cut. 

There are 400 squares in this quilt, though they are not all pictured here. Once I get it finished, I will post a picture. Also, I have started an easy peasy quilt for SIL, using hockey fabric. He doesn't care for busy patterned quilts, so I just grabbed some hockey fabric and joined lengths. A little bit of batting, some quilting, and another one done. 
Here is the start!

Okay, birds are singing, sun is shining, and the potatoes need to be planted! Talk soon!