Saturday, November 22, 2014

Another Try To Post

Another try to post.
Isn't it awful to write a full post and then to have it disappear? Nasty times. So, short and sweet. This quilt was started when my sister came to visit. We had entered a quilt shop to look at fabrics that she might like. Thirteen yards later, we exited! Then we had to find a pattern. That's what I said, find a pattern!!  
Of all the hundreds of patterns that I have collected, she really liked a picture of one on the back page of a magazine. We found the pattern on line but it was not available to download right away so what's a gal to do? Make one up of course! My sister has never quilted before but she was so gunho that she jumped right in.
This is her first block ever, after some brief instructions on how to measure, cut, sew and square up.

What a great job! For two days we worked on this pattern before she had to go home. This is as far as we got. 

This quilt is now finished just in time for her to pick up this weekend. Voila!

It is queen size but it has been so long that I can't remember the finished size. 
I also have started a small quilt for my granddaughter. She chose Flower Fairies, a pattern by Red Boots Quilt Company. I have finished with sewing on the appliqué now and will start joining the blocks together. Need to get this one finished by December 13th.
Also finished the quilting and have started the binding on this one...

One last picture, taken on the shore of Skaha Lake. Winter is a coming !