Friday, October 3, 2014

A few more finished

Yes! A few more finishes to report!

This is the final picture of the quilt from last post. From start to finish this quilt took 8 days to make, a few hours a day. 

I was so excited to get this done so fast that I quickly made a back for my spool quilt. In between making the blocks for my other quilts, I have been making these spool blocks as a leader and ender. You know, never leaving the needle empty...

 As of last night, I finished off the binding. Yeah me!

Also, this is now gracing the design wall...

Please excuse the stool as it is needed to reach the top, especially as I  move things around. These bigger blocks sew up to funky sizes so it is going to be interesting when it comes time to square things up! 

My niece has shown interest in starting to quilt and after buying a quick tabletop pattern, she started to cut up and sew. As she hasn't any proper rulers and such, she had ended up with quite the wavy mat. She asked for help to fix and finish and after taking apart just a few seams, I managed to get it to lay flat enough to quilt for her. As this is her first project, I left most of the seams, matching, and size as she created, so that she will have something to look back on. Do you remember how our first projects looked? All in all, she did a great job for first time out. Guess Auntie just has to mentor another kindred soul eh? 

Next time I see her, I will show her how to finish off the binding. 

That's all for now. I just purchased some fabric for a sister's upcoming quilt so will share when it arrives...