Sunday, September 14, 2014


Well, I think I will put off my decision about the long arm. There are so many variables to think about in this decision of mine and for the first time in my life, I am not going to jump without looking first.

As for Quilting, I have finished another quilt and it is already with its new owner. This is the first time that I have tried to design a quilt for someone. When the owner saw the interior panel of the three horses, it became the starting point of the design. Luckily I had made most of the four patches through the Bonny Hunter scrap saving technique and the flying geese on the border were made during some mindless sewing awhile ago. It still took a long time creating this quilt as I am not a designer at all. Ninety percent of the fabric came from my stash and I only had to buy some of the brown so to have enough of the bigger squares. 

Just this last week, I have been working on a mystery pattern that Silly Goose had created a few years back. It was only after I took the picture that I realized that I had turned the upper right border the wrong way. It is all fixed now, the backing is made and the quilt is all pinned together. Hopefully in the next few days I will get this quilted and the binding added. As I attend a stitch and bitch with a few ladies once a week, there will be some hand work more me to do. 

The days are getting cooler now, the garden needs to be cleaned out, and all the watering hoses and sprinklers need to be put away. It is apple picking season right now and the scent of apples is strong in the air. I have stripped, sanded and stained the last of the deck boards, mowed and whipper snipped the borders, canned tomatoes, and made peach nectar. And that has been done in the last week! 

With today being our grandson's birthday, I am going to meet them at the hockey rink where he is playing a league game. I will get to see him play and wish him happy birthday! It has been awhile since I have seen the family even though we really don't live that far apart. You know how it is, life and summer is so busy and grandma really doesn't look that good in a swim suit and doesn't know how to water ski.

Okay, time for me to get going... Talk soon....

Friday, September 5, 2014

Need to make a decision

Hello my readers,

I am looking into investing in a long arm machine. Right now I have two choices, one with a computer and one with none. As a customer, would you require special patterns for the quilting, or would you lean more to a more inexpensive pattern? I am not very experienced as I have done most of mine on my DM, but wish to upgrade. Lol.... Want to spoil myself.... Any input would be greatly appreciated