Sunday, August 17, 2014

It's been busy around here!

We are so glad that it is finally starting to cool down around here. It has been in the triple digits for most of the summer, that the only time the outside work could be done was very early in the morning. This summer, we have met some really nice people, attended a few bbqs, met up with brothers and sisters for a visit or two, a special visit from daughter and her family and managed to get some more of the outside cleaned up. The garden has produced many things that needed to be eaten and canned and the volunteer flowers have been so appreciated! 

In the hottest parts of the day, I have managed to play in the sewing room again. This quilt was made for my nephew and his girlfriend as they have moved up north and needed something warm for their bed. It was quite the challenge for me and please don't look too close as there are a few seams that just didn't make the match. 

Also, I have been working on this one and have managed to get it to the pinning stage. Hopefully I can get this one done in the next week as I would like to hand deliver. 

It is a queen size quilt also.