Thursday, May 22, 2014

Time to Update

Well hello all! I know a few people read this blog but I am not sure if the comments are working. I have sent a test and I can comment but could someone please comment? 

On to the update...

I finally finished the Celtic Soltice quilt and now it is in the mail to its new owners. Want to see?

It sure turned out nice though the sun was so strong that it has washed out the true rich colors of the green. This is a Bonny Hunter mystery quilt from last November and I have played around with the borders. 

Also, I just inherited a new to me Singer Featherweight sewing machine. I am not sure of the age and maybe someone can tell me....

 It belonged to my Grandfather's mother and I know she used it a lot. She always was so crafty! 

I also finally have started to put together Bonny Hunter's Lazy Sunday pattern that I started just before we moved last year. I am a lot further along than this picture, but alas I haven't taken the camera with me to the sewing room so...

There is also a few other things I have made but again no pictures.. Sorry.. Hopefully will get onto that.

We have been quite busy with all the work on our 8 acres with getting the irrigation lines working, the grass mowed though sadly the tractor is in getting fixed, garden planted and spring cleaning done. Whew, sounds like a lot of work but a bit of everything everyday makes the tasks manageable.

Anyway, getting late so will update shortly I hope!