Monday, January 20, 2014

Sewing, sewing, sewing...

It seems that the sewing machine has been running full bore though what have I got to show for it?

I have finally got the center blocks put together for Celtic Soltice . I need to find a certain fabric for the inner border as I have a vision in my head on how I want this to look.

At night, I have been getting exercise practicing on the treadle gifted to me.  That big box of scraps that I have has slowly, I mean slowly, been sewn into string blocks.  There has been a little design niggling away in the back recesses of my mind and these string blocks are going to be used. I have been using Bonny Hunter's leader and Enders in between projects and have quite the pile of four patches that I am putting them together in blocks of color families. 

Looking back on my previous post, I noticed that I was going to show the secret project I had been working on. Voila!

 This was made for my mother who will be moving in my sister. Here is a close up of the blocks... 

The last picture is a block that my mother had made when she was sewing. When I expressed my interest in quilting, she gave me this block to use where I wished. Well! I thought this was the best place for it don't you think?

Well off sewing again as we now have a new grand nephew. I hope to have a good start on it though it won't be ready for the shower. 

That's all for now....