Sunday, December 29, 2013

Celtic Soltice part 4 and 5

Sorry this is kind of blurry but it was dark downstairs even with the lights on.  We have been having a lot of freezing fog and bits of snow with times of sunshine! Well rounded I'd say. I haven't got much done on these clues but hope to get them finished by Friday.  

Here is a link to get to the linky party happening. 

I have been trying to get my Mother's quilt done for the 2nd of January and happy to say that I only have half a side left to bind. We are having a surprise party on the 3rd for my mother so that is the rush. Hopefully I will remember to take a picture before gifting it as it has changed from my previous posting.  

There is another surprise happening but can't breathe a word of it until after the 3rd! Tee hee, this surprise just might happen!! 

That's all for now.....