Monday, December 16, 2013

Celtic Soltice  and other projects

Oh my oh my this has been fun. I have got all three clues done for Bonnie Hunters mystery called Celtic Soltice. Voila! Here is a link to her page,

This should be interesting in how it will go together. I was trying to follow a tartan color pattern but at the moment, it is looking a lot like Christmas colors. Since I managed to get this clue finished this weekend, I went back to work on a quilt I am making for my mother.  She is moving in with my sister who is building her house in another town. Sneakily I asked my mother what color she liked, either blue or pink, and pink won out.  

I have busily been trying to get the blocks together today in between other things but my little kitten loves to have Mom's attention too.  I had to rip out some of the stitching as she just sat on the block as I was trying to feed them through the machine. I would say that I have them half way done. My next decision is how to border this. The quilt needs about 8 inches added per side and it is making me really think hard on this. Do I put a white border or green to make it look finished? Should I make four patch units, or braids, or piano border? So many options. I guess I just will get the blocks and rows put together first and then let it talk to me. I am also trying to keep up with Judy L -Fit for a Hero- quilt along at Patchwork times. I am about 4 clues behind on this one though. I haven't sewed this block together yet but I wanted to show how it will look.


I have this box filled with scraps that I would like to practice on my treadle machine I was just gifted. I was thinking something paper pieced. There is a whole bunch of little pieces in here and what ever it will be will have to be multi colored!  I have a large pile of four patches created on the treadle, again as practice, but didn't get a picture of those, sorry.

And.... Made a few pinwheels... You just never know when you could use them.

Anyway, there probably is more but no pictures there either. Till next time....