Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stormy night

I am sitting here in the dark. Another storm is passing us by with strong winds and the whole area is now dark. Note to self, make sure all the oil lamps are full!

It has been busy the last couple days. I have got all the walls and trim in the guest room painted and one set of curtains made. Also today, I got 3/4 of the basement carpets shampooed and it sure has helped with a smell that was in the house since we moved in. 

This is how the room looks so far...

It is amazing how such a little room and take so much work. 

Also , I got my grab bag order from Fat Quarter shop today and I am so excited. It is so worth the money and I got half of the pile already put away in the cabinets.  I cut down all that was too small into smaller strips and the imagination is starting to flow.  Awesome.  If you get a chance, you should check out Fat Quarter's grab bags before I get back there.  

Still haven't started on the quilting of the three quilts in the pile but maybe tomorrow as legs are pretty stiff from all the standing today. Well, that's all for now! Anne

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Such a busy time 

After buying our new place, my hubby and I started a list of all the things we need to fix. That list has now grown to two full pages! Everyday, as I walk around, I find new things to add. Most of the items are things that really must get done soon, like windows, roof, electric plugs and lights. Also this property is 8 acres with a mini lake and fields that need work. For the last few days, I have removed weed trees, scythed tumble weeds, taught myself how to run a gas powered weed eater (including how to wind on new cord). If it wasn't for the list, I would feel so overwhelmed. 

This weed tree is no longer. 

 Oh we have so much work. Hopefully we will be buying a tractor soon with a mower attachment as I sure the heck am not going to mow with a little mower.  We also need to paint inside and out though the painting inside could wait til this winter. 

If I sound like I am complaining, I am not as this is our view everyday and it is so worth it!

Quiet and peaceful with neighbors just the right space away.. Not too close and not too far away. After living in the Pacific Northwest where there are so many cars, buildings, concrete, and noise, this is perfect.

As for my quilting, I have managed to do a little even though my sewing space is nowhere set up. 

I have just started to sew these blocks together now. The bunnies have eyes and everything is going together well. I really need to keep working on this as my new niece will be born next month.  My sister up north asked if I could make another baby quilt for her new grand baby arriving in a few weeks. I know, not much time, but I did manage to get it this far....

Please ignore the mess below, as I said earlier, this room is a work in progress but I just had to start.  I looked in all my bins but couldn't find any flannel for the backing so will have to travel out to find some. Oh darn...

I also am pinning my easy street quilt on the dining room table and would show a picture but my cats have taken up residence and moving them makes them cranky. Lol. Hopefully I can get them to move soon so I can get started on quilting it.  Just think of it, I could get 3 quilts finished in one go!

Anyway, that is all for now. I will leave you a picture of one of my little girls resting on her new stand. As you can see, I didn't even get it put in place and she was in it! Upside down to boot!