Monday, August 26, 2013


It has been a long two months of no sewing.... Even though the sewing room is far from set up, I have finally managed to start anew! Yay!!!

Recently, I had read on a blog about from Australia . I love her designs and you can order PDF immediately to download. I just had to start the Rabbits at Hyde park and her patterns are so easy to follow.

 There is a niece just waiting to be born, so I have to get my buns in gear and get a move on. It is tougher for me at this time as there are so many other things that also need to be done too.... 

The property that we bought is 8 acres with its own pond, a few fruit trees and a lot of overgrown weeds. The house itself needs a good cleaning, though most of the boxes are unpacked. It means moving things out of the way but after being homeless for 10 days, the cats and I am glad for constant walls. They are loving the extra rooms and all the nook and crannies to explore.

Last night, we had very strong winds. I had to go outside and hang onto the canopy we just installed.Thank goodness my hubby had screwed it to the deck! The wind died down enough for me to remove the top and I was able to get back inside. It took me 2 hours for the adrenaline to drain away so I could go to sleep.  

Anyways, time to go.... Here is a picture I took at dusk a few days ago.... Til next time....