Sunday, December 29, 2013

Celtic Soltice part 4 and 5

Sorry this is kind of blurry but it was dark downstairs even with the lights on.  We have been having a lot of freezing fog and bits of snow with times of sunshine! Well rounded I'd say. I haven't got much done on these clues but hope to get them finished by Friday.  

Here is a link to get to the linky party happening. 

I have been trying to get my Mother's quilt done for the 2nd of January and happy to say that I only have half a side left to bind. We are having a surprise party on the 3rd for my mother so that is the rush. Hopefully I will remember to take a picture before gifting it as it has changed from my previous posting.  

There is another surprise happening but can't breathe a word of it until after the 3rd! Tee hee, this surprise just might happen!! 

That's all for now.....

Monday, December 16, 2013

Celtic Soltice  and other projects

Oh my oh my this has been fun. I have got all three clues done for Bonnie Hunters mystery called Celtic Soltice. Voila! Here is a link to her page,

This should be interesting in how it will go together. I was trying to follow a tartan color pattern but at the moment, it is looking a lot like Christmas colors. Since I managed to get this clue finished this weekend, I went back to work on a quilt I am making for my mother.  She is moving in with my sister who is building her house in another town. Sneakily I asked my mother what color she liked, either blue or pink, and pink won out.  

I have busily been trying to get the blocks together today in between other things but my little kitten loves to have Mom's attention too.  I had to rip out some of the stitching as she just sat on the block as I was trying to feed them through the machine. I would say that I have them half way done. My next decision is how to border this. The quilt needs about 8 inches added per side and it is making me really think hard on this. Do I put a white border or green to make it look finished? Should I make four patch units, or braids, or piano border? So many options. I guess I just will get the blocks and rows put together first and then let it talk to me. I am also trying to keep up with Judy L -Fit for a Hero- quilt along at Patchwork times. I am about 4 clues behind on this one though. I haven't sewed this block together yet but I wanted to show how it will look.


I have this box filled with scraps that I would like to practice on my treadle machine I was just gifted. I was thinking something paper pieced. There is a whole bunch of little pieces in here and what ever it will be will have to be multi colored!  I have a large pile of four patches created on the treadle, again as practice, but didn't get a picture of those, sorry.

And.... Made a few pinwheels... You just never know when you could use them.

Anyway, there probably is more but no pictures there either. Till next time....

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Clue 1 Celtic Soltice

I have got 96 blocks of one section done, 10 of second section done and the parts cut out to finish the 92 needed. 

Linking up on Quiltville blog with others for the linky party. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Forgot to post about this

Ah, another wall hanging finished and delivered. 

My sister liked the one that I had on the table and asked if I could make one for her. But of course I could!  Her house was need of some autumn colors and this just fits the bill.

On another note,I received a picture of my new niece and her quilt. How cute is this?

I swear she fits on one of the rabbit squares. This is why I love to make for others and I know that she will have this for many years.  

I have started another quilt, this time for my mother. Soon she will be moving in with another of my sisters and her old quilt is getting quite ragged. My sister asked if I could make a replacement for her.  I will post a picture once I get further along. 

The weather is getting cooler so starting to do some baking. Pumpkin loaves on left and bread on right. Tried a new bread recipe but not too sure I like it as the bread seems to dry out too fast. I have tried some of the buns and they seem to be best toasted before eating. I have also made some Nanaimo bars which as a Canadian living in the states, is a little taste of Canada. Tomorrow I am hoping to try to make biscotti. I haver never tried this before so will be one way to learning. I have had biscotti before many times so I am hoping to get close to the ones I like.

Anyway, that's all for now... Talk soon I hope!

Saturday, November 2, 2013


I finally have some things to show you.  Even though I have not been blogging this month, I have managed to finish three quilts. First there was my Easy Street by Bonny Hunter, then Bunnies in Hyde Park. 

This was made for a new member of the family. I am told that she loves the bright colors and that all the other members of her family are taking their turn grabbing a hug.

Then I finished of this quilt for our bed. 

It is quite interesting the effects that show up in pictures. This is queen size and I still have one more  envelope pillow case to make. I actually shifted gears as i needed a break from these colors.

So, what to do next? I have had two requests for this wall hanging....

And have gotten this far. The picture is blurry, sorry. It has been a rainy grey day today, but on the plus side, more time to sew. I also have four mug rugs made and two small wallets. Not bad eh?

Really can't complain about our weather. It has been warm and sunny up to today. We have had some foggy mornings but usually it burns off by noon. I just love that I can now hang some clothes outside. The quilts take on such a sweet smell and are so soft.

Oh well, time for bed.  Talk soon I hope!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Wow, my husband is the greatest cook ever! He created quite the feast for my sister, mother and I. I wish I had taken pictures of our meal but we were so hungry after all the smells invading our senses all day that that was the last thing on our minds. I do have a picture of the pumpkin pie sans whipping cream and some raisin tarts that I had made yesterday. 

We have so many left overs though! 

I finally have my Bonny Hunter Mystery Quilt, 'Easy Street' finished! Just need to wash and it is on its way to my special Mother in law. These colors are just so her! 

There is another quilt almost to finish stage that I had first thought would be for the guest room. Hubby liked it so much that it is now for our bed.  This picture is the quilt in process and I have changed my mind about the sashing. I don't have an up to date picture but I wanted to share what it looked like at that point.

. I still haven't finished hand quilting the baby quilt for new niece so that will have to wait for the picture. I will leave you with a picture of one of my quilting buddies in a very upset mood.... Lol.   

Friday, October 4, 2013

New Niece Arrived Today!

Beautiful niece arrived today. She is early!! Now I have to get moving on finishing her quilt.. 

I have been hand quilting this the last couple of nights while watching tv. It is so hard at times as my kittens want to help so bad by chasing the thread as it magically disappears and appears through the fabric! Aghhh... This is the first time I am trying to hand quilt and the extra help isn't helping at all. 

Starting to cool here now. 32 degrees this morning but the sun should warm everything soon. I took this picture just to show the fog... 

Also, I have finally have had the opportunity to do some canning.  Just finished canning some green tomato pickles that a neighbor had given us. Should be an interesting add to our diets!

That is it for today. Hopefully I will have a picture of a quilt I am putting together for our guest bedroom soon. And... Maybe a bed to put it on!  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stormy night

I am sitting here in the dark. Another storm is passing us by with strong winds and the whole area is now dark. Note to self, make sure all the oil lamps are full!

It has been busy the last couple days. I have got all the walls and trim in the guest room painted and one set of curtains made. Also today, I got 3/4 of the basement carpets shampooed and it sure has helped with a smell that was in the house since we moved in. 

This is how the room looks so far...

It is amazing how such a little room and take so much work. 

Also , I got my grab bag order from Fat Quarter shop today and I am so excited. It is so worth the money and I got half of the pile already put away in the cabinets.  I cut down all that was too small into smaller strips and the imagination is starting to flow.  Awesome.  If you get a chance, you should check out Fat Quarter's grab bags before I get back there.  

Still haven't started on the quilting of the three quilts in the pile but maybe tomorrow as legs are pretty stiff from all the standing today. Well, that's all for now! Anne

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Such a busy time 

After buying our new place, my hubby and I started a list of all the things we need to fix. That list has now grown to two full pages! Everyday, as I walk around, I find new things to add. Most of the items are things that really must get done soon, like windows, roof, electric plugs and lights. Also this property is 8 acres with a mini lake and fields that need work. For the last few days, I have removed weed trees, scythed tumble weeds, taught myself how to run a gas powered weed eater (including how to wind on new cord). If it wasn't for the list, I would feel so overwhelmed. 

This weed tree is no longer. 

 Oh we have so much work. Hopefully we will be buying a tractor soon with a mower attachment as I sure the heck am not going to mow with a little mower.  We also need to paint inside and out though the painting inside could wait til this winter. 

If I sound like I am complaining, I am not as this is our view everyday and it is so worth it!

Quiet and peaceful with neighbors just the right space away.. Not too close and not too far away. After living in the Pacific Northwest where there are so many cars, buildings, concrete, and noise, this is perfect.

As for my quilting, I have managed to do a little even though my sewing space is nowhere set up. 

I have just started to sew these blocks together now. The bunnies have eyes and everything is going together well. I really need to keep working on this as my new niece will be born next month.  My sister up north asked if I could make another baby quilt for her new grand baby arriving in a few weeks. I know, not much time, but I did manage to get it this far....

Please ignore the mess below, as I said earlier, this room is a work in progress but I just had to start.  I looked in all my bins but couldn't find any flannel for the backing so will have to travel out to find some. Oh darn...

I also am pinning my easy street quilt on the dining room table and would show a picture but my cats have taken up residence and moving them makes them cranky. Lol. Hopefully I can get them to move soon so I can get started on quilting it.  Just think of it, I could get 3 quilts finished in one go!

Anyway, that is all for now. I will leave you a picture of one of my little girls resting on her new stand. As you can see, I didn't even get it put in place and she was in it! Upside down to boot!

Monday, August 26, 2013


It has been a long two months of no sewing.... Even though the sewing room is far from set up, I have finally managed to start anew! Yay!!!

Recently, I had read on a blog about from Australia . I love her designs and you can order PDF immediately to download. I just had to start the Rabbits at Hyde park and her patterns are so easy to follow.

 There is a niece just waiting to be born, so I have to get my buns in gear and get a move on. It is tougher for me at this time as there are so many other things that also need to be done too.... 

The property that we bought is 8 acres with its own pond, a few fruit trees and a lot of overgrown weeds. The house itself needs a good cleaning, though most of the boxes are unpacked. It means moving things out of the way but after being homeless for 10 days, the cats and I am glad for constant walls. They are loving the extra rooms and all the nook and crannies to explore.

Last night, we had very strong winds. I had to go outside and hang onto the canopy we just installed.Thank goodness my hubby had screwed it to the deck! The wind died down enough for me to remove the top and I was able to get back inside. It took me 2 hours for the adrenaline to drain away so I could go to sleep.  

Anyways, time to go.... Here is a picture I took at dusk a few days ago.... Til next time....

Saturday, July 27, 2013

We are moving!

Wow, this has been quite the test. As I had mentioned earlier, we had put our house on the market in March. We received our offer the middle of June, which meant a quick trip to our new area to look for our new home. This trip coincided with our family reunion which lasted a week, so between activities we dealt with all that goes with putting in an offer. As of the 8th of July, our offer was accepted! Hooray!!

Not so fast Anne.... What does that mean for the next month? Ugh... All the things I really must do like packing, cleaning, arranging, signing etc. What it also means is that all the quilting that I so love to do is packed away until the move in mid August. It is a good thing that I packed up my sewing room first because I would have gone in there and hid, hoping the packing fairies would do all my work for me.  As of today, I am happy to announce that by the end of this week, our old house is should be all packed up and all but a few rooms will need to be cleaned. I am a little ahead of schedule but rather that than a mad scramble at the close.  We won't be able to move into our new house until the middle of August, so my cats and I will be living in a motel til then. Soon.....

Talk later

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It has been so long....

As the title suggests, it has been so long since my last post and I will now give you the excuses. 

There has been a lot excitement happening here. I managed to get one of my two quilts finished and so close on finishing the binding of the second.   

Here is the first one. It is a wedding gift for a couple just married in May. It was good fortune to have the bride walk in one day and say that she loved this pattern.  And that was before I had even sandwiched it. Because I was just winging along, I thought that it would be nice to made one for the groom too. Actually, it went together so smoothly also but then other things in the works caught up with us.  I only have a side to finish binding and thought that I would wait til finished to take the picture, but that was ten days ago. Yikes.... So here is a picture of the 'almost' finished quilt for the groom. 

 As this is for a tall young male, I had to made it longer. It still worked out nice and even my husband loved it and wanted one for himself. I had to break it to him that I didn't have any more of these fabrics. I am getting better at balancing my colors eh?

Now the excuses... We had put our house on the market in March, have had 14 showings and finally an offer ! After three weeks of trying too nail down the purchase (really?) and going through the inspection (which involved more haggling), we finally am officially sold. 

We had already had a family reunion in the works for the last 18 months, and the weekend we were leaving was now slated for looking for our new home.  Actually, we have been following a piece of property for the last two months, hoping that it would still be on the market when ours had sold. And voila! The sellers have accepted the contract, within 24 hours, the inspection is done and now we are working on the financing.  So, my days are going to be filled with packing, yard sale this coming weekend, canning raspberry jam so as to clean out the freezer and to catch up with the plants in the yard.  With the warm weather we have been having, they have just exploded. Also, the yard work as I would like to leave a nice looking place. We have three weeks to accomplish all of this. 

As for the reunion, a good time was had by all. Here are a few pictures of our time together..


  Till next time....

Friday, June 14, 2013

Claiming my blog

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Just claiming my blog through Blog Lovin

Friday, June 7, 2013

I am so excited!

We have just returned from a business trip to Durango CO. Actually, business for my husband and visiting for me. It was so nice to see the sun all the time we were there.  While looking at the new renovations my friend had been doing these last few months, I spied this....

 She had taken the legs off a destroyed cabinet, topped it with a glass sheet and had created a very nice display table.  I sighed and asked that if she could find another Singer treadle machine, all in one piece to let me know as I was looking for one.  She gave me a strange look, then pointed to the other side of the room. There in all it's glory, was A complete Singer! My friend explained that since she was renovating, the need to downsize some of her pieces had to be done. The Singer was one such thing, but because of memories, she wanted the machine to go to someone who would love and use her.  "Would you like to have it?" she asked. I was speechless. I offered to pay for it instead but she gave me the biggest hug and replied that she knew that I would love and use the machine. She's mine!.....

I checked her number and she was built in 1920.  All her parts are working smoothly though she will get a clean and servicing once I get her home here in the Northwest. I had to leave her as we flew down and they frown on carry on that won't fit in the overhead bin.  Here are a few more picture... 


As to what I have on the design wall now, your guess is as good as mine. I started out with Turkey Tracks block and it morphed into this....

I was thinking that I could put the red strings on the side but the blue is starting to disappear. What to do, what to do... I didn't have enough of the dark blue inner border to finish the 9 patches...sigh...

Oh well that's all for now... Til later....