Friday, September 28, 2012

Wrap up for September

Ahhh, I finally have a few things finished. First off, Maple Quilt Wall hanging.
This quilt looks so nice in it's place of honor.  Very nice pattern to do though the leaves were not easy to do at all.  I definitely need more practice.

Next, a quilt I have just finished making for my niece. It is a Bonny Hunter design, "Jared takes a wife", and stretched me as her patterns always do.  On a recent visit to her mom's house, I was honored that she still had a previous quilt on her bed.  It was one of my first efforts and didn't even have batting inside! Poor girl... So, Auntie went searching for a pattern and found this one.  Actually, I am a Bonny Hunter fan and follow her blog and watch her when I can on her webcam.  I wish that I could have talked to her before I had finished off the pieces as I had a problem with some of the parts shrinking in size.  Oh well, I have the info for next time.
This next wall hanging is still in the works.... I know that it looks pretty plain at the moment but there are still thinks that need to be appliqued on.
Also in between all these quilts, I have been making scrap 9 patches and 4 patches and have started using some of my men's shirt pieces to make 2 1/2 hsts....

As the pears have been picked and stored and the garden has given up the last of it's booty, I managed to get 4 jars of pear butter made and yesterday managed to get 3 jars of beet pickles and 2 jars of bean pickles canned. 

And lastly, I made this little mini quilt called 'When pigs fly', though I am calling it 'When Psychotic Pigs Fly' as my attempt at machine appliqueing didn't work out so well!  The pattern was designed by Sindy Rodenmayer. So sorry Sindy!!! Oh well.
Okay, time to send off the quilt to my niece and hopefully when I get home, I can get started on quilting another one of my WIP's.  Maybe I will have another quilt to show your soon. Bye for now..

Monday, September 10, 2012


I have been reading about the word verification on blogs and not really worrying about it as I thought that I had turned it off. I KNOW that I had turned it off.... But after reading another rant about this, I decided to check out my blog again.  Sheesh.... There it was.... Turned on!  I'm so sorry everyone.  All fixed now.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Seem to Have Lost....

the month of August.  It started out so well, I swear...  I managed to get this quilt top done to the point of appliqueing the leaves on. 
Then the month went awry. My hubby and I took a trip over the the eastern part of Washington state for a few days.  In that time, we got an offer on our white elephant of a house, my grandsons were diagnosed with juvenile type 1 diabetes, within a week of each other, a sister underwent pancreatic surgery and my mother was missing her family.  Wow... quite the kerfuffle.  So between a quick trip to Canada, dealing with the realtors by email, and husband working, the rest of the month just blew away.  On a side note, my grandson's are dealing with the diagnosis very well, my sister came through her surgery successfully and able to finally eat a meal, and my mother was very happy for having company. 
     So, for the last two afternoons, I have finally been able to sew again.  This quilt above is now to the binding stage. I started these blocks today....
These are so easy to make.  This is only the basic part of the block and it is going to be fun to pick out the borders for each block.  Can you see the spools next to the cat blocks?  I thought that I would try to do Bonny Hunter's Lil Spool challenge.  These are helping me with some of my sewing abilities.  Still working on the stretching . 
My daughter bought these fat quarters for my birthday present.  Isn't she awesome???? !!!! Now to find the pattern that these will work in.  Thanks daughter mine!!!
Also I have started to follow Grandmother's Choice blog by Barbara Brackman and making up the 49 blocks that will be posted every week... Here is the first one,
Well, that is all for now.  Time to pull out the hexies that I work on at night while watching tv.  Ciao!!