Saturday, March 17, 2012

been busy....

Hello all,
I have been busy trying to get the Autumn quilt finished. First I got it to this stage this week and 
Then it took a good 4 hours to get all pinned. This quilt has measured out to 112"x87". By the pattern it should be 104"x84 and even though all the squares were squared to the right size to sew I still ended up large. Go figure. 
At this moment I am now at the binding stage. 
Tonight, after binding for 2 hours, I got one side done. Ouch, it is going to take a bit of time to finish. 
I have also rearranged my sewing room too. I am trying to get things to move more smoothly between the sewing machine, cutting table and ironing board. There is something else that didn't quite get figured into the room. My kittens love to spend the afternoon with me but finding a place that isn't right behind the sewing machine or taking up all the cutting room on my mats is turning out to be quite the challenge. Oh well, something will click in place....
Another challenge has been a hole that we had to cut in the ceiling to trying to stop a leak from the shower above. Hubby got the leak stopped now and it is up to me to patch the hole. Wow, this is something that actually been fun. I had to cut the drywall  cut to size and in. Then the mudding and sanding is now done. Priming over the drywall then texturing and tomorrow I should be putting the final coat of paint on. Took a week but I wanted to make sure that every step dried out properly. 
I'm kind of proud of myself...patting self on back... For attempting this on my own.  Once the room is finished, I will have to get everything put back in the room. Right now it is spread all over the downstairs but I have been going through and sorting trying to reduce. Soon...soon
Well all for now, time to got blog hopping. Happy Saint Patrick's day!

Anne Brown