Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow and Ice

Well, the snow and ice have come in for a few days. While it might not be a big issue for most of the states, here in the Northwest it is. Yesterday we had 6" of snow in our area though other areas received over 24". I am so happy that most people stayed home as the roads became so bad from all the traffic from those that did travel. There were wipe outs and accidents in all areas. 
Today it is the ice rains. It is causing power outages, breaking limbs and massive ice sheets on the roads. Even the major airport has cancelled all their flights as the runways are ice sheets and they are having problems keeping the planes deiced. So glad that I don't have travel at all. 

I think today will be more work on the Orca Bay quilt. I have only the border to do now.  One more cup of coffee, shower and off I go to the sewing room. With my head down, I won't worry about what is going on outside. 
Until next time...

Anne Brown