Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

What a great start to the year... my husband home, a great 2 weeks spent with family over the holidays and now time to get back to the sewing room.

We left town on the Friday that part 5 of the Orca bay mystery came out and today the final part was published. I can say that I am officially behind on this one.  Today I managed to get 188 of the triangles from part 5 made...
and I am not stressing about this as have everything done up to this point.  I have seen the final quilt that Bonnie posted and I know that this is going to be rather unique once I get it finished.

In other news, I had won some fat quarters from Nann at with strings attached during the Blog Hop and just received them yesterday.  Actually must have got them earlier but didn't get home til yesterday...
Aren't they wonderful.  Really going to have to find something to incorporate them into!! Thank you so much Nann!!!
 So lucky me... I also won something from SadieMaesAttic at WE LOVE QUILTING (thank you, thank you) and it is going to be a surprise.  And then.... today I just found out that I have won a book by Diana Leone from Mitts at the Bag Lady From the Bay Thank you Mitts!! This is just great...  I love having Google Reader so that I can keep up with all you other Quilt bloggers.

I have come up with IBP.. I Be Positive... This is going to be my motto this new year.  Last year was okay, though I just seemed to hibernate choosing to spend my time alone .  The Aztec calendar is suppose to finish this year and in my positive frame of mind, I am not thinking of the end of things but as the time to create our new calendar of times.  They did their job to get us this far now it is our turn... Okay, deep thoughts be banished.  Tomorrow I will miss the linky thing on Bonnie Hunter's site to show my progress but with fingers crossed, there might be something to show in a week. 
Take care all!!!