Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oh Yum!

My husband is cooking an awesome meal tonight. He has taken this ham and basted it over the barbecue. I can't describe in enough words the smells this produces. He also has made scalloped potatoes and I have thrown together a small green salad. Top this off with some red wine and one has an awesome meal! 
On another note, I just received the fabric I won in a giveaway last July from Clothworks. 
Is it not beautiful? It has been a long wait but definitely worth it. Now the only thing is to remember what pattern I had thought to make when I first seen it! 
Today, I have just started to build two quilts at the same time. It seems that 2 male members of my family like the same colors so this is a great time to combine them. One will have green accents and the other will have gray. This is what I have made so far,