Monday, November 26, 2012

Just a little blurb

Just thought that I'd show a little of what I have been doing since last post.  I managed to finish this lap quilt...
I haven't got a photo taken yet of the finished quilt but this is basically how it ended up.
I am still working on my sister's quilt.... block by block...
Started a pattern I found in Quiltmaker magazine though the name of the pattern at the moment is not handy.  I will add the pattern name and designer once I get further along (and when I have the magazine in my hands).
Also, I have got Step 1 of Easy Street Mystery Quilt designed by Bonny Hunter cut and sewn together. All 192 of them!!!
Hopefully, I will get more hours to work on these quilts.  I actually am very lucky as my husband fully supports my playing around in the sewing room. Days just disappear for me...
Any who... that's all for now...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Where did the time go?

Oh my.  I just looked at the last time that I posted. Almost a month ago? Goodness gracious. I did fully plan on blogging about 3 weeks ago but life interrupted. My father-in-law had some serious health issues starting with spine surgery and ending up with quadruple by-pass.  There was some frantic, emotional times in that space of time but he is now mending well.  He is one tough man!
I did manage to get the quilt blocks finished for this quilt and I am going to try something else in the finishing.
I am quilting each block separately and then going to join them using the potholder method.  I heard that the civil war quilt makers sometimes made quilts this way as they had to make so many so fast.  A group of ladies would make the quilted blocks, bind them and then as a group they would sew them all together.  Since I am a solo quilter, I can tell you that this one will take more time that it did them!
Also, I have been doing some mindless block making while waiting for Bonny Hunter's new mystery quilt.  So far I have....
 127- 5"- 9 Patches
 350- 3 1/2" - 4 Patches
30- 3 1/2 - spools for the Bonny Hunter challenge...

And... 54 - 4 1/2" - pinwheels which I don't have a picture of. I even got a few more blocks done for another quilt that is still hanging on the design wall.
I have been using Men's shirt pieces and scraps for the 2 1/2" four patches and hst's and, left over 4 1/2" squares to create this pattern. As I make each section, I have been adding it to the wall so what you see now probably won't been how it will finish.  I must admit that I like how it is working out.  Sort of the way the way that I am feeling at the moment. Almost looks like a dance pattern as I look at the picture.  Remember those?  Ha Ha....
Well, time to do some housework before I can go play again.  I just ordered some scrap bags from Quilt Fabric Closeouts,and am waiting, waiting, waiting... Actually they should get here at the beginning of next week...
Talk to you soon....

Sunday, October 14, 2012

This is what I am working on

I have been working in the sewing room for a few days now.  This quilt is going to be a house warming gift and thank goodness it doesn't have to be done for more than 8 months.  Why am I working on it so early you ask?  Well, I am slow. I am trying to do my best as far as accuracy goes and that makes it slow going for me.  As of now I have 22 blocks ready and 14 left to go with each block finishing at 14 1/2". I still have to pick out a color for the  2" sashing between the blocks but as I only am able to get 3 blocks a day, that decision doesn't needs to be made too soon.
Here is a close up on the blocks.  I am thinking that maybe a deep burgundy will work though. Most of the blocks are made up of chocolate brown, yum! Today, I got all the last of the black and neutral hsts made, all 314 of them...

As a break in between the making of these blocks, I have been making some scrap blocks.  I cut up some of the shirt pieces I have and making hsts out of them as leaders and enders.

Also, I am making a pattern using up some of the blocks that I have made as leaders before, 2 1/2" and 4 1/2". 
Not too sure how this is going to go together, but that is what makes quilting fun eh?
In a couple of days I hope to be able to post another finish.   Till then!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Wrap up for September

Ahhh, I finally have a few things finished. First off, Maple Quilt Wall hanging.
This quilt looks so nice in it's place of honor.  Very nice pattern to do though the leaves were not easy to do at all.  I definitely need more practice.

Next, a quilt I have just finished making for my niece. It is a Bonny Hunter design, "Jared takes a wife", and stretched me as her patterns always do.  On a recent visit to her mom's house, I was honored that she still had a previous quilt on her bed.  It was one of my first efforts and didn't even have batting inside! Poor girl... So, Auntie went searching for a pattern and found this one.  Actually, I am a Bonny Hunter fan and follow her blog and watch her when I can on her webcam.  I wish that I could have talked to her before I had finished off the pieces as I had a problem with some of the parts shrinking in size.  Oh well, I have the info for next time.
This next wall hanging is still in the works.... I know that it looks pretty plain at the moment but there are still thinks that need to be appliqued on.
Also in between all these quilts, I have been making scrap 9 patches and 4 patches and have started using some of my men's shirt pieces to make 2 1/2 hsts....

As the pears have been picked and stored and the garden has given up the last of it's booty, I managed to get 4 jars of pear butter made and yesterday managed to get 3 jars of beet pickles and 2 jars of bean pickles canned. 

And lastly, I made this little mini quilt called 'When pigs fly', though I am calling it 'When Psychotic Pigs Fly' as my attempt at machine appliqueing didn't work out so well!  The pattern was designed by Sindy Rodenmayer. So sorry Sindy!!! Oh well.
Okay, time to send off the quilt to my niece and hopefully when I get home, I can get started on quilting another one of my WIP's.  Maybe I will have another quilt to show your soon. Bye for now..

Monday, September 10, 2012


I have been reading about the word verification on blogs and not really worrying about it as I thought that I had turned it off. I KNOW that I had turned it off.... But after reading another rant about this, I decided to check out my blog again.  Sheesh.... There it was.... Turned on!  I'm so sorry everyone.  All fixed now.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Seem to Have Lost....

the month of August.  It started out so well, I swear...  I managed to get this quilt top done to the point of appliqueing the leaves on. 
Then the month went awry. My hubby and I took a trip over the the eastern part of Washington state for a few days.  In that time, we got an offer on our white elephant of a house, my grandsons were diagnosed with juvenile type 1 diabetes, within a week of each other, a sister underwent pancreatic surgery and my mother was missing her family.  Wow... quite the kerfuffle.  So between a quick trip to Canada, dealing with the realtors by email, and husband working, the rest of the month just blew away.  On a side note, my grandson's are dealing with the diagnosis very well, my sister came through her surgery successfully and able to finally eat a meal, and my mother was very happy for having company. 
     So, for the last two afternoons, I have finally been able to sew again.  This quilt above is now to the binding stage. I started these blocks today....
These are so easy to make.  This is only the basic part of the block and it is going to be fun to pick out the borders for each block.  Can you see the spools next to the cat blocks?  I thought that I would try to do Bonny Hunter's Lil Spool challenge.  These are helping me with some of my sewing abilities.  Still working on the stretching . 
My daughter bought these fat quarters for my birthday present.  Isn't she awesome???? !!!! Now to find the pattern that these will work in.  Thanks daughter mine!!!
Also I have started to follow Grandmother's Choice blog by Barbara Brackman and making up the 49 blocks that will be posted every week... Here is the first one,
Well, that is all for now.  Time to pull out the hexies that I work on at night while watching tv.  Ciao!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My new finishes

As promised, I am posting some finishes.  These first 4 quilts are going to be gifts to people I met in Austria...

This family was very kind to me on my visit there and what better way to say thank you!
This next picture is a mystery quilt pattern created by Silly Goose Quilts and was very enjoyable to make.  This is the third mystery quilt that I have made and quite enjoy the challenge of making pieces without seeing the end result first....
I had a problem with one part as the pieces were to be made either by paper piecing or by using templates and I just couldn't get the templates to print to the right sizes.  I had just invested in the EQ7 program and created the template there but still didn't get it quite right.  I loved how it came out though. 
On a trip to California, I had picked up some panels and as I still needed to have one more gift for the family in Austria, I pulled it out yesterday and started on it.  It is an advent calendar for Xmas and I managed to get all the pockets on it and have some of the quilting sandwich done.  I hope to get it finished today to that I can get them all in the post on Monday. 
What to do next?  I have so many patterns collected through books, internet, goodwill (yes, some nice patterns for a great price), keepsake quilting etc., that it is almost impossible to choose just one.  Talking of Goodwill, I recently found some more fabric pieces all in a bag for 2.50 and just couldn't pass it up.  I have been trying to be such a good girl and not buy any more fabric for the month of July but I failed... These were so pretty in the bag and was a mystery all in itself.  Opening a bag and discovering treasures. 
 Well that is all for now.  I am going to leave you with a picture of the advent calendar at the second to last stage.  I am further that this but didn't get a picture of where I am now...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Another finish

I just finished the binding on this quilt yesterday. It was made from men's shirts and some fabric that I had in my stash.  It really turned out well. 

In our area, we finally had some sunshine and heat.  All of the garden (that which the slugs didn't eat) are showing signs of new growth.  We even had to water! I know that this sounds a little silly, but we really haven't had much sunshine or heat at all up till now.  Hubby and I have been able to get the lawns mowed, gardens weeded, eaves cleaned out, fence finished, house cleaned and lots of siesta time in between. 
I have started two quilts for a mother and daughter using the very first fabric I won on a giveaway.  They won't completely match but close enough I think.  The fabric is Clarabelle, made by Skipping Stones Studio for Clothworks.

I cut the fat quarters into 2 1/2" strips, sewed a 1" strip to one of the matched pair of strips and then sewed on the the other side.  I then cut out 5" blocks.
 This is what the top looks like now...
 I am thinking this for borders.  The green and then finish with the pink.What do you think?
After finishing with these two quilts, I am going to make a little boy quilt with these blocks...
Hopefully shall have some finish pictures in the next little while. That is all for now. Till next time

Monday, June 25, 2012

Now it is time...

It has been awhile since the last post. My hubby and I just spent a working month in Kitzbuhel , Austria. Such a beautiful place to visit! 
It has been hard to get back into the rhythmn of life since we got back, but finally have the sleeping pattern back. The sewing room has been calling me the last few days and I have managed to get these blocks
Put together and now it looks like this...