Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas quilts finished now

Hello everyone!
Thank you all for the wonderful comments on my progress and previous quilts that I have made.  I have so much fun and enjoyment wrapped in each and every one and practice, practice, practice is making me better.
I finally finished my brother's quilt. I had used Bonny Hunter's pattern for antique tiles which you can find in Quiltmaker,s magazine.  I really like using up extra pieces of fabric on an on-going basis.  She has a mystery quilt that is going to start on Nov 18th on her website . There is a link on the  left column near the bottom.  She has an amazing ability to teach and be fun at the same time. Maybe one of these days I might even get to one of her classes.  I love reading her blog!

To fill in some time while I waited for fabric to arrive, I dove into my stash and found some Christmas fabric that I had picked up here and there. I whipped up 4 place mats for the table;
 I really like how they turned out and I even have one extra to finish. 

My husband requested that I make an autumn leaf quilt for us.  I had made 3 of them already for others and  we both like the pattern very much. This is the fabric that I was waiting for!

This quilt is foundation pieced and I really love my Accuquilt GO machine for all the HST that needs to be made. 

Third Weekend in October (designed by Ruth Powers) is the name of the pattern and you can find it at Keepsake if you are interested. It is suppose to finish at 84"x104" but out of the 3 I have made so far, I have not hit that mark! Maybe this time....
I also made 2 doll quilts but can't show those until after Christmas.

Oh and lucky me... I received an email from Diane at Quiltmaker and I won a copy of Volume 4 100 Quilt blocks after participating in the blog hop that they were hosting!!! I am having a hard time waiting for it to show up.  Thanks you again Quiltmaker !!!  I have been very lucky this month, first a tote full of goodies from The Civil War Quilter and now from Quiltmaker.  (knocking on wood)

Well that's all for now,
From our house to yours...

Monday, November 7, 2011

How exciting!

About a week ago as I was surfing through my blogs on the Google reader, I was ever so lucky to be the lucky comment on The Civil War Quilter blog giveaway. I have been sitting by my window every day just waiting for it to arrive.

 Oh Joy Oh Joy... I really love getting presents in the mail.  (I am happy that it was well protected after watching the mail lady just jam it in the mailbox ) Thank you Becky for all the special things inside the Tote!

If you get a chance, you should go check out her site as it is very informative and happy. 

Well off to play!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I can't believe it has been almost a month!

I know that life can get busy, but I actually have one of the luckiest lifestyles.  I am basically retired (except for a little business bookwork) and I can play in the quilting room for hours and hours every day.  I can hear those envious sighs right from here. 
So now comes the time to do a little show and tell...

This is now finished and ready for Xmas.  As I said before, it really stretched me in both pattern and color. 

The next quilt that I finished is called Glow Happy.  It had been on the design wall for two weeks before the fabric I ordered to finish it arrived.  This is another Christmas gift..

I had to do something little in between all these bigger quilts.  I picked out a Christmas panel and quickly quilted it out for another gift...

This quilt is another one that I have been working on.  It is now waiting on the decision of backing and binding.  It is definitely a queen size quilt.  I didn't get a more up to date picture of this one.  There is another border of floating diamonds and black trim.  I managed to procure some more of the green border material from yoursewcreative on ebay.  If you need fabric and are unable to find it, you really should try her page.  She is fast and the fabric is exactly what you order.