Monday, October 10, 2011

Enjoying the new set up

Hello everyone!
This last week has been a busy one.  My hubby and I totally rearranged some of the rooms in our house and it all started with a question.... How do you think of this possibility? It took us a full day to get the living room, dining room, and Master Bedroom all moved around. Woo Hoo! I was able to vacuum up areas long forgotten and wall washed etc in between.  Love it. 

The next day I decided that I needed to change the sewing room around to accommodate the new design wall that I made up from left over batting and cardboard. It sure is nice to be able to put up a few designs of different quilts that I am working on at the moment.

I have been making this quilt for my stepdaughter,
  and it is now into the sandwich stage,
I will post a final picture once I get it quilted together.  
I have started two lap quilts for my brother and his wife for Xmas,

The bottom quilt is the antique tile pattern that Bonny Hunter had published in the Quiltmaker magazine.  These are only some of them that I have made.  The quilt top is finished and now needs a back and finishing.  The top quilt is called Glow Happy and is stalled at the moment as I am waiting for the fabric to be shipped to me.  I didn't quite have enough to finish the tops and bottoms of the lanterns.  Then there is the sashing etc.  
For the last two days I have been making the rows for another quilt.
It really doesn't look like much at the moment (don't mind the mess), but I really should try getting some of the first quilts finished.  I love this process of making things that you can actually see.

All for now!