Saturday, September 24, 2011

It sure feels good to actually make progress on some of the quilts that I've started.

This quilt finally has gone from this
 to this!!

I also have been making these blocks with left over pieces of scraps.

  The colors and balance really worked well with the first quilt, so the most natural thing to do was to marry them both!
 Now if the recipient wishes for warm colors, she can flip to to dark colored side or if in the mood for light and flighty, then to the light. Sounding a little Star-Wars-y.....

After doing a little surfing on the web yesterday, I suddenly had the urge to try a tabletop cover in Christmas colors. Ta DA!!! Here it is>>>>>
You probably notice the big whitish square in the middle??? Well it is still up in the air whether I will applique some sort of Christmas thing there or leave it empty just waiting for that poinsettia plant that my daughter always lovingly sends me every year.  I love it...

Now the stretch me WIP (work in progress),

This is a paper pieced pattern that is shown in Quiltmaker magazine called Primrose Patch.  I have only done a little paper piecing so am learning and fine tuning each square as I go along.  I finally am getting the centers close to matching... Ha Ha ... Only have 3 more flowers to make and then I can start putting them together.  The sashing and cornerstones still have to be cut out but thought that I'd wait until all the flowers were done.  I still haven't managed to get the constant 1/4" seam.  If you thought  the white in the picture was the sashing... I'm not that bad...!! That is just the design wall in behind.  I really like being able to put blocks in place to help to visualize and to play with designs.
Well all for now,
Till next time
From my house to yours

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

For a change of pace...

I have been back in the sewing room again.  It has been one of those summers where it can be hit or miss but the last few weeks, I have managed to get some work done everyday.  

I started designing a baby quilt for a new grand niece.  Her family are really into hunting and fishing and a request went out for anything pink camo.  As I really didn't have anything of that value in the fabric bundles, I decided to use the bear claw pattern as the background blocks,
I then put the blocks together
 Next came the interior border...
As you can see, I was throwing around the idea of putting maple leafs around the inner border. I figured that it would be quite colorful and would encourage little one to crawl..
And here is finished quilt.  Not too bad as I am not a designer. I hope she will like it...

 I have also been making a few Bonny Hunter scrap blocks patterns that were featured in Quiltmaker magazine. 

Also a block pattern by Bev Getschell called Pick Up Sticks,
 You should really look up a pattern block done by Anita Grossman Soloman called Arrowhead.  You can find it on the Quiltmaker site.  Her instructions make it really simple and the block is quite classy...
 There is more but this post is big as it is...