Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another one done

Actually got this finished over a week ago and just posting it now. Our friends like neutral colors and I just lucked out with these colors that blended well.  The pattern is Jasmine Breeze found in Fons and Porter May/June 2011 magazine and it finished at 60x60.  This is picture of the pieced block.

It looks a little bland doesn't it?  After adding the borders it really picked up...

And this is it after putting on the binding and the quilting.  I used up the last of the fabric on the back,
.I have also started 3 other quilts but they are pieced with a lot of little blocks.  Here is a sample of what I have so far...

Should be fun as I keep changing from one to the other.  I surely am not bored! I also have another quilt just started but no picture of that one so far. 

I have another grand niece to make a quilt for but that is still in the designing stage.  Her dad is really into hunting and camo so need to make sure that is incorporated into it.  Some thing with the bear claw pattern I think with a little bit of pink to set it off!!.
Till next time!