Saturday, December 17, 2011

Orca step 4

I have finished step 4 of the Orca bay mystery. I won't be able to start the next 2 weeks as Christmas festivities will take priority this year.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Orca Mystery

Finally have some time in which to show my colors for this mystery quilt.  I am trying to go for an autumn look as I have a lot of these colors out at the moment.  I only have 50 more of the HST's do finish and I will be caught up.  When I first started making these pieces they looked so small! After creating the amount needed, they really started looking larger.. Optical illusion I think. It is fun to do but I have noticed that I really didn't have enough cut strings and strips in my scrap boxes.  I thought that they were exploding all over the place but when I went through and organized by color, it was sad... so sad... I guess that is what you get when one only has been quilting for a few years.

I haven't made much progress on the leaf quilt either.  I might get lucky to work on this in the next week or so...
 I took this picture with my i-Pad but I think I will stick with my camera for anymore posting.  The colors really don't show up well.  I thought that I would be able to post from the i-Pad but still working on learning about that process.
There is a quilt that I would like to finish by hand quilting over the holidays.  I have to create a pieced back first but thought that it could be something to do in the evenings while gabbing with family.  Do you remember this one?
I am thinking that I would use the leftover fabric from making the floating squares for the backing.  This picture doesn't show the next border set so that will be a surprise when I post the finished quilt.

Now, everyone knows that Bonny Hunter loves to look for quilt patterns all around her everywhere that she travels.  On my recent trip to California, I spied this pattern on the Alaskan plane and immediately thought of her.  Excuse the blurriness but I sprung the idea of the picture on my hubby as we were departing....
So cool!
I also spied this in a parking lot on Black Friday (yes, I tried it for the first time but at an sane hour) and just had to take the pic.

  I love the little motor...Anyway, long post but needed to show that I am still in the sewing room but really don't have much to show for it....

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Was way behind

After 8 lovely Thanksgiving days with our loving inlaws in California, I was finally back home. While we were gone, it rained quite heavy here and our roof decided to spring a leak. Ugh! Hopefully tomorrow it will be fixed which is great as they are calling for more. I have managed to get the laundry done, 3/4 of the Christmas cards written out, that pesky lightbulb changed (you know, the one you only remember when you try to turn it on?),and reconnected with my kittens. They are almost 2 years old but they are still my babies. If any of you follow Bonny Hunter's blog at, you know that she is always looking with the quilter's eye for patterns around her. While I was on the Alaska airline flight down south, I spied a pattern! My I-pad won't upload the picture so will show it next time. I just finished part 2 of the Orca mystery quilt but ran out of time to link to her post. I just realized that tomorrow is part three. Oh well, at least I finally caught up!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas quilts finished now

Hello everyone!
Thank you all for the wonderful comments on my progress and previous quilts that I have made.  I have so much fun and enjoyment wrapped in each and every one and practice, practice, practice is making me better.
I finally finished my brother's quilt. I had used Bonny Hunter's pattern for antique tiles which you can find in Quiltmaker,s magazine.  I really like using up extra pieces of fabric on an on-going basis.  She has a mystery quilt that is going to start on Nov 18th on her website . There is a link on the  left column near the bottom.  She has an amazing ability to teach and be fun at the same time. Maybe one of these days I might even get to one of her classes.  I love reading her blog!

To fill in some time while I waited for fabric to arrive, I dove into my stash and found some Christmas fabric that I had picked up here and there. I whipped up 4 place mats for the table;
 I really like how they turned out and I even have one extra to finish. 

My husband requested that I make an autumn leaf quilt for us.  I had made 3 of them already for others and  we both like the pattern very much. This is the fabric that I was waiting for!

This quilt is foundation pieced and I really love my Accuquilt GO machine for all the HST that needs to be made. 

Third Weekend in October (designed by Ruth Powers) is the name of the pattern and you can find it at Keepsake if you are interested. It is suppose to finish at 84"x104" but out of the 3 I have made so far, I have not hit that mark! Maybe this time....
I also made 2 doll quilts but can't show those until after Christmas.

Oh and lucky me... I received an email from Diane at Quiltmaker and I won a copy of Volume 4 100 Quilt blocks after participating in the blog hop that they were hosting!!! I am having a hard time waiting for it to show up.  Thanks you again Quiltmaker !!!  I have been very lucky this month, first a tote full of goodies from The Civil War Quilter and now from Quiltmaker.  (knocking on wood)

Well that's all for now,
From our house to yours...

Monday, November 7, 2011

How exciting!

About a week ago as I was surfing through my blogs on the Google reader, I was ever so lucky to be the lucky comment on The Civil War Quilter blog giveaway. I have been sitting by my window every day just waiting for it to arrive.

 Oh Joy Oh Joy... I really love getting presents in the mail.  (I am happy that it was well protected after watching the mail lady just jam it in the mailbox ) Thank you Becky for all the special things inside the Tote!

If you get a chance, you should go check out her site as it is very informative and happy. 

Well off to play!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I can't believe it has been almost a month!

I know that life can get busy, but I actually have one of the luckiest lifestyles.  I am basically retired (except for a little business bookwork) and I can play in the quilting room for hours and hours every day.  I can hear those envious sighs right from here. 
So now comes the time to do a little show and tell...

This is now finished and ready for Xmas.  As I said before, it really stretched me in both pattern and color. 

The next quilt that I finished is called Glow Happy.  It had been on the design wall for two weeks before the fabric I ordered to finish it arrived.  This is another Christmas gift..

I had to do something little in between all these bigger quilts.  I picked out a Christmas panel and quickly quilted it out for another gift...

This quilt is another one that I have been working on.  It is now waiting on the decision of backing and binding.  It is definitely a queen size quilt.  I didn't get a more up to date picture of this one.  There is another border of floating diamonds and black trim.  I managed to procure some more of the green border material from yoursewcreative on ebay.  If you need fabric and are unable to find it, you really should try her page.  She is fast and the fabric is exactly what you order. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Enjoying the new set up

Hello everyone!
This last week has been a busy one.  My hubby and I totally rearranged some of the rooms in our house and it all started with a question.... How do you think of this possibility? It took us a full day to get the living room, dining room, and Master Bedroom all moved around. Woo Hoo! I was able to vacuum up areas long forgotten and wall washed etc in between.  Love it. 

The next day I decided that I needed to change the sewing room around to accommodate the new design wall that I made up from left over batting and cardboard. It sure is nice to be able to put up a few designs of different quilts that I am working on at the moment.

I have been making this quilt for my stepdaughter,
  and it is now into the sandwich stage,
I will post a final picture once I get it quilted together.  
I have started two lap quilts for my brother and his wife for Xmas,

The bottom quilt is the antique tile pattern that Bonny Hunter had published in the Quiltmaker magazine.  These are only some of them that I have made.  The quilt top is finished and now needs a back and finishing.  The top quilt is called Glow Happy and is stalled at the moment as I am waiting for the fabric to be shipped to me.  I didn't quite have enough to finish the tops and bottoms of the lanterns.  Then there is the sashing etc.  
For the last two days I have been making the rows for another quilt.
It really doesn't look like much at the moment (don't mind the mess), but I really should try getting some of the first quilts finished.  I love this process of making things that you can actually see.

All for now!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

It sure feels good to actually make progress on some of the quilts that I've started.

This quilt finally has gone from this
 to this!!

I also have been making these blocks with left over pieces of scraps.

  The colors and balance really worked well with the first quilt, so the most natural thing to do was to marry them both!
 Now if the recipient wishes for warm colors, she can flip to to dark colored side or if in the mood for light and flighty, then to the light. Sounding a little Star-Wars-y.....

After doing a little surfing on the web yesterday, I suddenly had the urge to try a tabletop cover in Christmas colors. Ta DA!!! Here it is>>>>>
You probably notice the big whitish square in the middle??? Well it is still up in the air whether I will applique some sort of Christmas thing there or leave it empty just waiting for that poinsettia plant that my daughter always lovingly sends me every year.  I love it...

Now the stretch me WIP (work in progress),

This is a paper pieced pattern that is shown in Quiltmaker magazine called Primrose Patch.  I have only done a little paper piecing so am learning and fine tuning each square as I go along.  I finally am getting the centers close to matching... Ha Ha ... Only have 3 more flowers to make and then I can start putting them together.  The sashing and cornerstones still have to be cut out but thought that I'd wait until all the flowers were done.  I still haven't managed to get the constant 1/4" seam.  If you thought  the white in the picture was the sashing... I'm not that bad...!! That is just the design wall in behind.  I really like being able to put blocks in place to help to visualize and to play with designs.
Well all for now,
Till next time
From my house to yours

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

For a change of pace...

I have been back in the sewing room again.  It has been one of those summers where it can be hit or miss but the last few weeks, I have managed to get some work done everyday.  

I started designing a baby quilt for a new grand niece.  Her family are really into hunting and fishing and a request went out for anything pink camo.  As I really didn't have anything of that value in the fabric bundles, I decided to use the bear claw pattern as the background blocks,
I then put the blocks together
 Next came the interior border...
As you can see, I was throwing around the idea of putting maple leafs around the inner border. I figured that it would be quite colorful and would encourage little one to crawl..
And here is finished quilt.  Not too bad as I am not a designer. I hope she will like it...

 I have also been making a few Bonny Hunter scrap blocks patterns that were featured in Quiltmaker magazine. 

Also a block pattern by Bev Getschell called Pick Up Sticks,
 You should really look up a pattern block done by Anita Grossman Soloman called Arrowhead.  You can find it on the Quiltmaker site.  Her instructions make it really simple and the block is quite classy...
 There is more but this post is big as it is...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another one done

Actually got this finished over a week ago and just posting it now. Our friends like neutral colors and I just lucked out with these colors that blended well.  The pattern is Jasmine Breeze found in Fons and Porter May/June 2011 magazine and it finished at 60x60.  This is picture of the pieced block.

It looks a little bland doesn't it?  After adding the borders it really picked up...

And this is it after putting on the binding and the quilting.  I used up the last of the fabric on the back,
.I have also started 3 other quilts but they are pieced with a lot of little blocks.  Here is a sample of what I have so far...

Should be fun as I keep changing from one to the other.  I surely am not bored! I also have another quilt just started but no picture of that one so far. 

I have another grand niece to make a quilt for but that is still in the designing stage.  Her dad is really into hunting and camo so need to make sure that is incorporated into it.  Some thing with the bear claw pattern I think with a little bit of pink to set it off!!.
Till next time!